The West Suburban congregation began in 1943. Gasoline rationing during the war caused some of the Brookfield congregation to desire to worship near their homes. O.D. Bixler, minister of the Brookfield church, preached for the group on Sunday afternoon at a location on 17th Avenue in Maywood. The fledging congregation moved to the Masonic Hall in Maywood in June, 1944, where it continued to meet until this present meet place was ready in August, 1956.

The ministry of Christians at West Suburban has extended beyond the western suburbs of Chicago. Care for the needy and unfortunate and foreign missions in Germany, France, Hong Kong, Africa, Japan, Spain, Russia and Jamaica. Members also have worked with the mentally ill, innercity needs, Christian youth camps and other youth activities.

West Suburban Church of Christ gives honor to all ministers, elders, deacons, staff, along with former members who have assisted in the growth of the Lord's church in Berkeley, IL. Since Feburary 14, 2014 Omah C. Smith, Jr. serves as the ministering evangelist of West Suburban. Bro. Smith's states that his goal is to, "Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those seeking the need for salvation." 






Senior Minister Omah Smith, Jr. and his wife Sandra.

Youth Minister Jonathan Johnson and his wife Tashyana.